EasyFeedback Token ``EFT`` your feedback moves the world

Easy Feedback Token ``EFT`` was created to reward people who communicate useful and private feedback from www.EasyFeedback.com to improve products, services and processes of companies and institutions. ``EFT`` can be exchanged for products, services, cryptocurrencies or money at a market price.

The ``EFT`` token will be sold through an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).
Maximum number of days for the completion of the sale of the ``EFT`` Token on March 15, 2020.

EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``EasyFeedback Token ``EFT``

Investment in seed capital: 730.000$

Soft cap for the project development: 300.000$

67,55M USD MAX


Our Mission

Easy Feedback Token EFT Vista en portátil y móvil


A Feedback platform

to transform the world

Easy Feedback Token is presented as the solution the market needs to:

Promote feedback between consumers and companies to help solve two issues that have existed, exist and will exist: the communication problem between people and the aspiration of humans to improve things.
Manage and help improve customer satisfaction in every touchpoint with the company, identifying the dissatisfied people and reacting in real time.
Reward the feedback that allows to improve the products, services, processes and/or employees customer care.


A free service to send feedback

and defend your rights as a consumer

Consumers use EasyFeedback.com to send suggestions, congratulations, queries, complaints or claims to any company or institution in the world.

Your feedback is not public. They are sent privately to the management team of the companies.
If your complaint does not receive adequate treatment, our legal services offer the possibility of studying the possibilities of filing a judicial or extrajudicial claim charging success.
You'll feel better! Whether you complain, congratulate or send suggestions that improve the world you will see how well you stay. And also, we will reward you with EFTs.
World Map Easy Feedback Token
Easy Feedback Token EFT Sello a la Excelencia en el Trato


A subscription to Easy Feedback PRO

that helps to improve your business

The tool that takes the "pulse" and improves the satisfaction of its customers by helping companies to:

Manage a bad customer experience avoiding negative comments on the Internet, complaint forms, consumer arbitration systems and the silent loss of customers.
Listen to your clients to build trust, transparency, differentiation and obtain their loyalty.
Improve the engagement of employees to enhance the experience that customers receive.


How do we earn money?

EasyFeedback.com tipos de feedback


The gateway for sale our subscription to Easy Feedback PRO for business and legal advice... and the analysis of the data that is generated.

EasyFeedback Sello a la Excelencia en el Trato

Easy Feedback PRO

The Easy Feedback PRO subscription is a business tool to help to achieve customer care excellence.

EasyFeedback Asesoría Legal

Legal advice

If the user of EasyFeedback.com is not satisfied with the resolution of their claim, we offer legal advice services.

Easy Feedback Token EFT

Use of EFTs

Sales generated with the consumption of EFTs in our online store and commissions generated by its use.

Easy Feedback PRO Customers
Easy Feedback_ Token EFT Logo Gastrobar Moka
Kia Logo
Kia Logo


Customer Experience Management


The Market Size by 2025

32,49 billions $

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

22,9% until 2025


Road Map

May 2015
Constitution of Easy Feedback S.L.
August 2015
First version of EasyFeedback.com.
New functionalities of EasyFeedback.com for consumers.
New functionalities of the Easy Feedback PRO subscription for business.
July 2018
Launch of tokenization project of EasyFeedback.com.
August 2018
Request for membership and approval of our candidacy as members of Alastria Blockchain.
May 6, 2019
Constitution of Feedback Token OÜ.
June 2019
Launch of the private sale. Whitelist for the public presale of EFT. 40% bonus.
End private sale. One month later IEO
Start of phase 1 of the IEO (duration three months or sale of all tokens of this phase). 30% Bonus.
At 4 months
Start of phase 2 of the IEO (duration three months or sale of all tokens of this phase). 20% Bonus.
At 5 months
Launch of the Easy Feedback online store.
At 6 months
Auditing of our quality management system to obtain the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015
At 7 months
Start of phase 3 of the IEO (duration three months or sale of all tokens of this phase). 10% Bonus.
At 8 months
Launch of the new version of EasyFeedback.com
At 10 months
End of the IEO, token swap, exchange listing (Tokpie)

You will receive EFTs for your feedback

Multi-language version, with a new look & feel and the integration of the Easy Feedback mining system Tokens in the process of sending feedback.

Easy Feedback Token EFT APP


Why buy Easy Feedback Token "EFT"?

EasyFeedback Logo
A business that already exists

Easy Feedback has been involved in the feedback market since 2015, as a trusted third party, with an online platform that connects customers and companies since mid-2015.

EasyFeedback Tecnología Testada
Tested technology

Easy Feedback already uses a secure, proven and easily scalable technology to internationalize and commercialize the project, with 730,000 dollars already invested.

Easy Feedback Token EFT sello a la excelencia en el trato
Subscription to Easy Feedback PRO

Companies are already buying the Easy Feedback PRO subscription.

Easy Feedback Token EFT feedback mundial
More than 200,000 Feedbacks

More than 200,000 feedbacks sent to more than 9,000 companies in 50 different countries. 200 to 300 feedback are sent daily.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Asesoria Legal
Legal advice service

The legal advisory service has been launched in March 2019.

EasyFeedback Informe de Crecimiento
Solid Business Model

Easy Feedback has a solid business model, regardless of how IEO is going.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Bonus
Bonus between 10% and 40%

People who acquire ETFs in the IEO will obtain a bonus between 10% and 40% on the price of the token, depending on the phase at which they buy.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Exchange

They buy a digital asset that will be quoted at least in the cryptocurrency markets: Tokpie.

Easy Feedback Token EFT liquidez

Easy Feedback will buy 20% of its profits annually, generating liquidity.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Sustentación de Precios

50% of the EFTs acquired by Easy Feedback are distributed among people who have EFTs to the official web wallet and have the KYC approved. The other 50% are returned to the total suply.

Blockchain EasyFeedback
Blockchain and EFTs

By incorporating the blockchain, we add to the existing process the possibility of rewarding the feedback with a digital asset and the opportunity to involve our users in the benefits of the business.

Easy Feedback Token EFT feedback mundial
Online store

The EFTs can be used to buy exclusive and original products in our online store. And if they do not find anything of interest, they can exchange their tokens for gift checks.

Easy Feedback Token EFT aumento feedback
Feedback will grow

By rewarding the feedback, we will have more users on the platform. The EFTs will serve to accelerate and increase the utility and benefits of our business and make it reach the entire world.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Amazon del Feedback
The global ``Hub`` of Feedback

We want to be the link between private feedback sent from customers to companies and institutions globally.


Token Distribution

  • Name:Easy Feedback Token
  • Symbol:EFT
  • Type of Currency: Utility Token
  • Decimal:18 digits
  • Blockchain:Ethereum > Alastria/Telxius
  • Total Tokens:
  • Percentage of tokens in initial sale allocation:1%
  • Total tokens in initial sale allocation:1.791.410.000
Soft cap300.000 Dollars
Hard cap67.550.000 Dollars
1 EFT ($/EFT)0.05 Dollars
  • Minimum Purchase: 1.000 EFTs (50 Dollars)
  • Accepted Currencies:EURO, DOLAR, BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, ZRX, BAT, USDC, ZEC, XRP.
  • 1% Total of tokens in initial sale allocation
  • 99% Mining through feedback


Allocations of initial sale

Sale 75.42%
Sale Bonus 13.45%
Advisors 3.52%
Referrals 3.52%
Rewards 1.67%
Draw 1.67%
Store Bonus 0.75%


Tokens per stage



Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


At present

3 months

3 months

3 months

EFT Sale










EFT Bonus






Our Documents


Frequent Questions

IEO or ‘Initial Exchange Offerings’ are a form of business financing. Its particularity lies in that what companies offer are ‘tokens’ instead of shares and its sale is launched and managed by a house of exchange.

This means that the blockchain-based project offers to buyers some units of a new cryptocurrency (their ‘token’) in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiduciary money (Euros, Dollars …).


William Mougayar, general partner in the Virtual Capital Ventures fund and author of “The Business Blockchain”, comments:

“I’m not excited about the new tokens per se, but I’m excited when I hear about a new business model made possible by the token or the cryptocurrency. I’m more enthusiastic about the way a given token will allow users (society, government, whoever) to do things that we could not do before, and that’s the border, I think we’re just scratching that surface right now.


The tokenization project of EasyFeedback.com with Token Easy Feedback Token has development costs. To be able to finance it, during the IEO period, pre-rolled EFTs are sold with a bonus of 40% to 10%.

After the IEO the EFTs will quote, at least, in the Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange. Your price will then depend on the supply and demand of it.


Note: Exchange are platforms or exchange markets, are digital platforms that allow exchanging digital currencies for fiat money and / or other cryptocurrencies.


More info: https://www.bbva.com/en/basic-dictionary-blockchain-10-terms-know/

“A ‘token’ is a unit of value issued by a private entity that allows you to shape your business model.


A ‘token’ has similarities with the cryptocurrency ‘bitcoin’, has a value accepted by a community and is based on blockchain technology (EFTs is based on the Etherum blockchain), but at the same time it is a broader concept. It is more than a coin, since it has more uses.” In the case of EFTs, it allows to reward the useful feedback of the users of the EasyFeeback.com platform.


Note: a cryptocurrency is a digital exchange medium that uses cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units and verify the transfer of assets.


More info: https://www.bbva.com/en/what-is-a-token-and-what-is-it-for/

“A blockchain is a digital ledger that is distributed across multiple locations to ensure global security and ease of access, allowing consumers and suppliers to connect directly, eliminating the need for a third party.”


More info: https://www.miethereum.com/en/blockchain-guide/

“Ethereum is a decentralized platform that enables the creation of “smart contracts”; some have dubbed it a “decentralized supercomputer.”


It also operates on its own blockchain and was orginally conceived as an improved version, to surpass the programming limits of Bitcoin. It codifies data in the same way, but one of the principal differences is that is can be used to execute smart contracts (pieces of software that automate and shield the execution of previously programmed orders) and has a large variety of applications beyond those related to the field of finance.


Its cryptocurrency is Ether, the second most used after Bitcoin.”


Thanks to the Etherum Smart Contract you can create tokens like Easy Feedback Token. In this way you benefit from the existing infrastructure instead of having to build your own blockchain with the saving of time and resources that this entails.


More info: https://www.bbva.com/en/basic-dictionary-blockchain-10-terms-know/

Article published in: https://www.miethereum.com/en/smart-contracts-guide/#toc2


A smart contract is a computer program that executes agreements established between two or more parties causing certain actions to happen as a result of a series of specific conditions being met.


That is, when a pre-programmed condition is met, the smart contract automatically executes the corresponding clause.


They are contracts that execute and enforce themselves automatically and autonomously.


Smart contracts have been in development since 1993 when the famous cryptographer Nick Szabo first introduced the term. Nick proposed this system of contracts at the time, but the technological infrastructure of the time made it unfeasible. There was a need for a payment system that could put them into practice and that situation did not appear on the scene until the creation of Bitcoin in 2009.


However, Bitcoin was not intended to be anything more than a financial tool: a cryptocurrency -the coin- and a platform for exchanging value -its blockchain-.


On the other hand, the technology with which it worked – the blockchain- did make these smart contracts possible and it was at the beginning of 2014, with the creation of Ethereum, when they finally became a reality.


These smart contracts “live” in an atmosphere not controlled by any of the parties involved in the contract, in a decentralized system.


This means that:


1. The conditions are programmed,
2. Signed by both parties involved
3. And it is ‘placed’ in a blockchain so that it cannot be modified.


These evolved contracts have as the main purposes:


• To implement a state of security greater than that of the traditional contract
• Reduce costs
• Reduce the time associated with this type of interactions


In other words, they seek to improve current contracts by being safer, cheaper, saving us time and avoiding fraud.

The total number of tokens is: 179,141,000,000 EFT. 1% of the tokens will be used during the launch of the initial sale allocation, the other 99% is reserved to reward the Easy Feedback users who send feedback to the companies over time. After the IEO, those tokens of 1% tokens (1,791,410,000 EFT) not sold during the IEO, will not be burned, but will be returned to the total supply for further mining through the Proof of feedback.

EFTs pre-mined in reserve are necessary to reward the feedback that, over the years, will be rewarded.


179,141,000,000 EFT. 1% of the tokens will be used during the launch, the other 99% is reserved to reward Easy Feedback users who send feedback to companies over time. 


This high supply, should not worry the investor because, as we have already said, these EFTs can only be released by the feedback generated by the users and validated by the validating nodes.

Minimum capital needed to carry out the Easy Feedback Token project.

Easy Feedback will continue to commercialise its products to consumers and customers as usual and will increase capital to develop the blockchain project.

The capital that has been raised will be returned in full to investors.

It will enable us to offer our service in more languages in less time and therefore reach users in more countries in the world more quickly, which will boost use of the tool more globally.   

We will also be able to create the business area, Easy Feedback Labs, where we will work on the development and commercialisation of new products: Easy Feedback Survey, Easy Feedback Review, Easy Feedback Stats and Easy Feedback IoT.

Study published by BBVA Research “Situation Banking – November 2018”

“In 2018 the value of crypto currencies has lost approximately 75% since its January level of this year (814bn USD).

Many analysts proclaim that it was an inevitable catastrophe given the intrinsic characteristics of cryptocurrency, but this catastrophe can be relativized if we consider that the price of bitcoin, for example, is still 80% higher than a year ago. Despite the volatility of these assets, cryptocurrency is beginning to attract the attention of the “traditional financial sector”. Definitely, it does not seem that criptodivisas are dying, but that they are entering a new stage of greater price stability, in which more institutional investors will enter and banks will offer associated services to their clients. “

As the DAPP launch approaches one of the most frequent questions we receive relates to details regarding the swap of the ERC-20 EFT token to a native Alastria Blockchain.


This document will serve to clarify what we have determined so far:


When Will Token Swap Happen

An exact date for the token swap will be announced before the General Release version of the DAPP is launched, in consultation with crypto exchanges.

Given our current schedule and feedback from tech team and exchanges, the token swap will likely be completed in Q4 2020.


How To Do Token Swap

Detailed instructions on how token holders can facilitate the swap themselves, most likely through the Wallet, will be announced well in advance.Which would not require any action by holders other than keeping their tokens on the confirmed exchange or in a official wallet for a period of time. Our goal is to make the token to native Alastria swap as easy and seamless as possible for our token holders.


Again, we thank you for your support!


To learn more about Easy Feedback Token releases, suscribe to our newsletter !!


Our Team

Easy Feedbak Token EFT Honorio Ros
Honorio Ros
Easy Feedbak Token EFT Rafael Soriazu
Rafael Soriazu
Easy Feedbak Token EFT Daniel Valdés
Daniel Valdés
Blockchain Manager
Easy Feedbak Token EFT Ignacio Martínez
Ignacio Martínez
Easy Feedback Token EFT Ignacio Arroyo
Nacho Arroyo
Easy Feedbak Token EFT Belén Olóndriz
Belén Olóndriz
Easy Feedbak Token EFT Olga Sánchez
Olga Sánchez
Roberto Salvador
Business Development
Easy Feedback Token EFT María Alejandra Figueroa
María Alejandra Figueroa
Easy Feedback Token EFT Ricardo Bilbao
Ricardo Bilbao
Easy Feedback Token EFT Equipo
Nestor Delgado
Easy Feedback Token EFT Iñigo Valdés
Iñigo Valdés
Pablo Sanchez Casas Easy Feedback Token EFT
Pablo Sánchez
Easy Feedbak Token EFT Ignacio Ferrer
Ignacio Ferrer-Bonsoms
Legal advice
Easy Feedbak Token EFT José Luis Sanjurjo
José Luis Sanjurjo
Legal advice
Easy Feedback Token EFT Paco Tovar
Paco Tovar

Technology and Business Development Advisors

Software developers

Kindynos is an organization created to produce and deploy high quality technical solutions for enterprises. Focused on Blockchain technology, decentralized systems, Fintech and payment processors.
Developers of the POLIS cryptocurrency.

More info: polispay.org

Easy Feedback Token EFT Enrique Berrueta
Enrigue Berrueta

Educated as a humanist, working as a programmer. Passionate about new technologies, tech education, open source and decentralized ecosystems. Founder of Kindynos, creator of the Polis Blockchain, co-creator of PolisPay and working on Olympus Protocol.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Ricardo Bustos
Ricardo Bustos

With a major in computer science & high interest in cryptocurrencies, Ricardo decided to focus his skills on project & community management. As COO at Kindynos, Ricardo makes sure the development is delivered on time, and with industry standard quality, while managing all the communications with the Kindynos services communities & partners.

Rishabh Anand

Known as the youngest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency evangelist in India. With vast experience and knowledge in the sector of blockchain technology. He is an investment advisor and in charge of community management and fundraising. Contribute as an author in Hacker Noon.
He also has the IBM certifications in Essentials and Foundation Blockchain Developer.

Emanuele Ferrari

Top 40 icobench expert and mentor at ``Faster Capital``, with an extensive knowledge of blockchain, and subject matter knowledge of coin offering.

More info: https://icobench.com/u/emanuele-ferrari

Easy Feedback Token EFT David Delgado
David Vaquero

A computer engineer with a master’s degree in Electronic Commerce, he has worked at Telefónica R+D, at Deloitte and at the University of Navarra. He was an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Engineering at the Public University of Navarra. When he joined the project he was a consultant at Open Bravo. Since March 2010, he has worked from New York. At present, he works for ING as a Global Lead Architect.

José Ángel Arrechea

An Electronics and Automation engineer with over 30 years’ experience in programming. He has worked as a software developer and Project Manager and technical director at the University of Navarra, as a project manager for the Government of Navarra and currently works for a software company for the improvement of industrial productivity, digitalisation of factories and efficiency.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Iñaki Sanchez
Iñaki Sánchez

IT Security Manager and Oracle DBA. Industrial engineer with a master’s degree in Information Technology Management. Field of Study Business Engineering School La Salle with over 25 years of experience in the area of systems, he currently works at the University of Navarra.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Equipo Sebastian Cerro
Sebastián Cerro

Expert on the ISO 9001 standard, on the EFQM model and Human Resources. Degree in Philosophy. With 25 years’ experience as a consultant for the government and many private companies and other management posts (also at the University of Navarra). Author of the management book: “Manage with Talent. Personal Skills of Managers”.

Juan I. Fernández

Degree in Business Management and Administration and in Law from the University of Navarra. At present, he is the Manager of a construction company. He has worked in Accenture, DiamondCluster and Peoplesoft and was the Director of Administration at the University of Navarra.

Easy Feedback Token EFT Equipo Hansel Fernandez
Hansel Fernández
Functional Analyst

He studied English and obtained a master’s degree from the University of London (London School of Economics), UK. He has worked on the development of business and academic projects. He has international and business experience in the sectors of education, technology and services to companies.

Technology Partners


Easy Feedback is Part of the Alastria Consortium

Easy Feedback is a member of Alastria, a non-profit association that fosters the digital economy through the development of decentralized registration / Blockchain technologies.

It has a first Testnet network (Arrakis) and a second network (Telsius) on which regular nodes can be deployed (as well as critical validator and enabling nodes).
The Alastria networks are built on Quorum (Architecture based on Ethereum).
It’s an "agnostic" blockchain platform, have interoperability, with Parity and HyperLedger Fabric (of Linux Foundation).






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