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Welcome to the EasyFeedback Token Purchase Process

We continue the Sale phase with the bonus level of 30% + 5%**

To carry out the purchase of EasyFeedback token:




Fill in the data requested on this site. 







Buyer identification process (also called KYC “Know Your customer”): In less than 24 hours after your registration, you will receive an email from our provider Electronic ID, similar to the attached image, to start the identification process. This email is sent from the account [email protected] You may have received it in your Social/ Updates/ Forums/ Promotions/ Spam folder. If you don’t  receive the email, let us know sending an email to: [email protected] and we will send it again. 



Once your identity has been verified, you will receive an email with access to the EasyFeedback token purchase process. If you are from a country where we can’t sell our token at the moment, please fill in the form and we will let you know as soon as we can sell it. Thank you.

Fill in the data. Thanks

Advantages of buying in the Sale phase:


Get the corresponding 30% bonus level, in the EasyFeedback Token purchase.



Get an additional 2,5% bonus for referral code: Possibility to use a friend’s referral code for an additional 2.5% bonus (NOT at the IEO). There are many buyers who will be happy for you to use their referral code!


** Get another additional 5% bonus: Once the token is listed, individuals who purchased “EASYF” during the Pre-Sale with the 40% or during the Sale with the 30% bonus (NOT at the IEO) and hold them for one year in the same wallet where the initial purchase of “EASYF” was received, will receive an additional 5% bonus. This 5% bonus will be spread over 12 monthly payments with a vesting contract.


More advantages: In addition, we would like to acknowledge people buying our token directly at the Pre-Sale and Sale (not at the IEO) for their support. To this we are working on a system that rewards them with some exclusive advantages in our future services for users: Exclusive discounts on EasyFeedback shop products, special fees on debit card, special fees on withdrawals and more.

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