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Hello, thank you for your interest.


On May 6 we set up the Easy Feedback Token OÜ company in Estonia. At the end of August 2019 we obtained the Estonian Government licenses to operate our EasyFeedback Token. In december 2019 we will begin the sale of EasyFeedback Token through this website.


Registering in this Whitelist will allow you:



Receive information about the sales steps of EasyFeedback Token




Reserve the corresponding bonus (40%, 30%, 20% o 10%), in the EasyFeedback Token purchase according to the order of reservation. We are currently in the Pre-Sale phase with a Bonus of 40% of EasyFeedback Tokens.



Upon receiving this form we will send you an email (within 24 hours) indicating the percentage of bonus that corresponds to you. We will ask you to confirm the receipt of the same to verify that your email is correct and that you have received the information.



Started the process of selling the EasyFeedback Tokens,  we will notify you by email of the steps you can take to complete the purchase.




You have 7 days to make the purchase of the EasyFeedback Tokens that you have reserved.



If, started the process of selling the EasyFeedback Tokens, in the purchase, the bonus will be the one that corresponds in the global order of reservations made.



The investment you propose is not binding. Started the sale of the EasyFeedback Tokens you will have seven days to make the purchase effective. After this period, the purchase right and the bonus granted are lost.

Easy Feedback Token EFT


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Easy Feedback Token OÜ is a company registered in Estonia with number 14718043.