Mission of EasyFeedback Token

  • August 23, 2019

Our mission is:

To facilitate the communication of useful feedback,

promote its management 

and improve the world.

We use technology so that feedback is given in a useful, fast and simple way, anywhere, 24 hours a day, allowing the information to be transmitted, managed and generate satisfaction.  We aspire to be a worldwide reference for communication/feedback to improve society (“To be the “Hub” of Feedback”).

How will we do it? 

By being the first option that consumers have to contact the company when: 

  1. The front line employees or internal customer service “fail” (the customer has used them and is not satisfied, the customer cannot find them, does not find them convenient or does not want to use them because they do not generate trust or the customer feels uncomfortable),    

  2. Before using other means (complaint forms, consumer organisations, social networks and public forums…) 

  3. Before going to the competition without saying why. 

  4. They want to send suggestions to improve products, services, processes or service from employees.  

  5. They want to send congratulations in appreciation of service received.