The economy of EasyFeedback token (EASYF)

  • August 6, 2019

EasyFeedback Token will enable us to value and reward people who give useful feedback to companies and institutions.  This feedback is a driver that transmits knowledge.  Therefore, we will reward with EasyFeedback Tokens “EASYF”:

  1. The ideas that consumers share with companies and institutions  through their suggestions to improve their products, services and processes.

  2. The dissatisfaction that we communicate to a company by way of a complaint or claim about its products, services and processes regardless of the response the company gives us.

  3. The appreciation of a job well done by people in a company or institution, who have succeeded in giving excellent service.

The total amount of tokens is: 179,141,000,000 “EASYF”. 1% of the tokens will be used during the token launch, the other 99% is reserved to reward EasyFeedback users who send feedback to companies over time. 

The only way to obtain EASYF shall be with the Proof of feedback explained above.

EASYF in reserve are necessary to reward the feedback that, over the years, will be rewarded. This high supply, should not worry the buyer because these EASYF can only be released by the feedback generated by the users and validated by the validating oracles.

The wallets of the EasyFeedback token

EasyFeedback Token Holders

The 1% of EasyFeedback tokens used during the sale allocation are divided into these wallets:


After the initial sale, the tokens of the 1% of total tokens that have not been sold, will be burnt.

Why do we need 300.000$ for the tokenization of 

At present, the aim is to accelerate the business model based on the tokenization of our current product. To do so, it is necessary to make some investments in the following areas:   

  1. Development of the integration of the EasyFeedback tokens reward system in the process of sending feedback.

  2. Creation of the internal, company and lawyer validator oracles in Spain.

  3. New look & feel of Maintaining the brand identity and processes that are already tried and tested, we want to give the platform a new, more up-to-date look.

  4. Development of a new version of the portal and subscription to the Plan PRO for business that will implement improvements to usability and new functionalities for incident resolution.

  5. Development of the EasyFeedback online store where you can shop using EasyFeedback Tokens “EASYF”.

  6. Translation of the new version into different languages. The first languages the platform will be translated into will be the following: English, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic. 

  7. Design and production (with external suppliers of EasyFeedback) of exclusive products for the online store or Marketplace where “EASYF” can be used. 

  8. Execution of the Marketing Plan.   

  9. Execution of the Commercial Plan.  Including commercialisation of the EasyFeedback PRO subscription.  

  10. Purchase and maintenance of computer equipment and administrative costs of office and personnel.  

Our Soft Cap is zero because, in addition to the ICO, we have fundraising alternatives for the development of the tokenization.

To finish developing the EasyFeedback tokenization we only need a capital of $ 300,000. We can obtain this capital in various ways (capital increase with current partners, entry of new partners and loans). That is, we will develop it regardless of the amount collected in the ICO because we have fundraising alternatives. But we believe that it is very interesting to give the possibility that many people can participate in an indirect way in its development, and the ICO is an instrument that makes this objective possible.


Why the hard Cap? 

If we succeed to exceed the soft cap we will be able to offer our products and services in more languages in less time and therefore reach more users in more countries more quickly, which will boost the use of the tool.   

Launch of EasyFeedback in other countries.  Depending on the volume of feedback sent in different languages, we will incorporate internal and external (company and lawyer) validator oracles in other countries. 

Launch of EasyFeedback in a country requires:

  1. Having the application in the language of the country.

  2. Having the Court of Jurors that make up the internal validator oracle with the necessary requirements.

  3. Having a team of reputable lawyers that know the specific consumer protection laws of the country to make up the lawyer validator oracle. 

  4. At least one person in the commercial team who can offer the EasyFeedback PRO for companies.    

The estimated investment to deploy our services per country is 350,000 euros. Our aim is to be a global service in the 194 countries of the world (UN fact): Europe 50, Asia 41, Africa 54, America 35, Oceania 14. For this great objective we would need the indicated Hard Cap. A capital raised, greater than the $ 300,000 we need, will allow us an implementation (faster and in more countries) directly proportional to the amount obtained. We will be able to accelerate the incorporation of more and better talent for the development of and the “Proof of Feedback” in more countries and drive an exponential growth that will affect the valuation of the project and the EasyFeedback tokens. The more feedback that is sent, the more EasyFeedback tokens will be distributed and the inherent demand from consumers and companies will be greater. More information on the whitepaper pages 23-28.

This is why the Hard Cap is so high.

It is important to remember that EasyFeedback tokens that are not sold at the ICO will be burned. So, the amount of money in circulation at the time of listing will only be that which has been used in the ICO and from that moment on, the only way to obtain EasyFeedback tokens will be through the “Proof of Feedback”.