Thanks to all users who are part of the EasyFeedback

  • December 26, 2019

We want to thank all users who have trusted EasyFeedback and have sent their feedback to companies all over the world to help to improve the services and products they offer. 


Thanks to Alejandro, Wilder, Carolina, Paula, Rosa, Milagros,Daniel, Antonio, María, Jose, Naiara, Andrea, Isidro… for your feedback:



“I would like to congratulate you on your staff. I’m amazed at the speed of your intervention. Regardless of whether my case is solved or not, I think you do a superb job of intermediation. CONGRATULATIONS.”

“I would like to congratulate you on your service. I love this site, both times I had a complaint, you helped me with it. Thank you very much.”

“I found your page and every time it’s written through you, you have responded quickly and solved my problems. So I am very grateful for your service. (you don’t have to answer). Thank you very much.”

“You answered me quickly and very kindly, Thank you EasyFeedback.”

“Very good performance of this platform. Serious and very good management of what it is about.”

“I like the possibility you offer to express.  I met you to make a complaint to a big company and I end my experience by congratulating you. Thank you.”

“Thanks to the complaint made through your website, my problem has been solved in time.”

“Effectiveness and very good treatment.”

“I would like to congratulate you for your customer service. Congratulations to both the company and its staff. It really works, it’s fast, efficient, silent. As I wish that the public administrations had your good work, your management, and above all the facility that I have found to manage any complaint, suggestion, or concern.”

“I am totally impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of your company. I am very grateful for the times you have helped me without asking anything in return.”

“I have loved your services and find them very useful. I would like to use them on my website.”

“Congratulations on your application.”

“Mainly I think it is a very original idea that you have as the addresses of companies to be able to congratulate or complain, because I really never imagined that such a company existed. I must also thank you for the treatment, the formality and everything related to the way you have helped me. Thank you very much and best regards.”

“After my direct complaints to Ikea with no result, thanks to your website the response and the result has been unbeatable. Thank you very much.”


We want to thank all the other users who have made it possible for EasyFeedback to keep growing every year and want to change and improve the world. 

When EasyFeedback Token is developed, users who send useful and private feedback to improve the products, services and processes of companies and institutions through will be rewarded with EasyFeedback Tokens (EFT).


Because “Your Feedback Moves the World” 


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