Ryanair listens to its customers and responds satisfactorily

  • June 12, 2020


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Our user, tells us that he sent a suggestion to Ryanair Limited using EasyFeedback’s submission tool. In the suggestion he commented to Ryanair Limited:

Dear Customer Service Director

I would like to make a suggestion about your services.

Since we have three airports in Galicia and none of them have a connection with Northern Germany, I would like to suggest that you try to connect Galicia and its Galicians with Germany, especially the area of Bremen, Hamburg, etc.

The only option we have to move there is through Oporto, the best known “Galician airport”…(for a reason it will be.) I would be very grateful if you would consider this option, as I am fully convinced that the flow of passengers who decide to use this service will be very high.

I would ask you to study that possibility, and if you send an answer to my mail I would also appreciate it.

Thanking you in advance for your attention, and hoping that my suggestion will be of use to you, I bid you a warm farewell.

¿What was Ryanair Limited response when receiving the message sent via EasyFeedback?

Our user, satisfied with the response he received from Ryanair Limited, comments:

They replied quickly, kindly considering the proposed suggestion.

Now the important thing is that you try to carry it out.

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