Presence of EasyFeedback Token at “The Global Blockchain Congress” of Convergence

  • November 20, 2019

Easyfeedback Token was present during the congress that Convergence held in Malaga from 11 to 13 November.

Here is Convergence’s press release about the congress:

“With close to 1,400 attendees representing over 50 countries, some 230 speakers and over 80 keynotes, panels, fireside chats, roundtables and meetings, Convergence certainly met its goals in terms of size and scope. 

And from the President of Latvia discussing how technology can keep up with the law, Turing Prize winner Prof. Silvio Micali exploring the value of decentralization, and the Deputy Chair of the European Data Protection Board discussing how blockchain can be reconciled to the GDPR to the Libra Association and Facebook discussing stable coins and their regulation with financial regulators from the EU and Japan; from the ECB and the Bank of Japan setting out options for fiat money on blockchain to deep dives into blockchain and technical convergence with AI, Big Data and IoT as well as close looks at blockchain for government services, supply chain, social good and many other sectors; and with INATBA’s working groups organizing regulatory dialogues during the entire Congress, bringing together regulators from all over the world to all the other topics covered on our agenda – we believe the conference more than met its goals in terms of content.

But don’t just take our word for it! Videos of the main sessions are online – just scroll down for the links. And stay tuned. Convergence will be back next year and promises to be just as topical, just as broad and, we are sure, just as good.”

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