McDonald’s Costa Rica solves user suggestion

  • May 25, 2020

No matter the size of the place or what part of the world it’s located in.




At EasyFeedback we help users like D.Z., who want to improve their community through their suggestions.

Our user, D.Z., tells us that he sent a suggestion to McDonald’s Costa Rica using EasyFeedback’s submission tool. In the suggestion he commented to McDonald’s Costa Rica:

Dear Customer Service Director


I would like to make a suggestion about your facilities.


I suggest a prompt intervention in your facilities in downtown San José. I was on that street last February and to my surprise, as I walked down the street, I noticed the same problem of sewage spillage and nauseating smell on the public streets and sidewalks, which is very unpleasant.


I thank you in advance for your attention and hope that my suggestion will be of use to you,


Is saying goodbye cordially.

¿What was McDonald’s Costa Rica response when receiving the message sent via EasyFeedback?

D.Z., satisfied with the response he received from McDonald’s Costa Rica, comments:

Good morning, with respect to the suggestion presented, they proceeded and contacted me after 2 days to indicate me about the flaw in this respect, at the same time they let me know that they were in coordination with the government institution to make the necessary repairs.


A week later, while I was in the area, I was able to verify that the repairs had been carried out.


I congratulate McDonald’s as well as its group of collaborators for the intervention of their good offices in seeking the best service and customer satisfaction.


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