How do the “Internal Validator Oracle” and “Company Validator Oracle” work?

  • July 22, 2020

“Proof of Feedback” between users and internal validator oracle

Every time a user sends useful feedback, they receive “EASYF”s for their communication. In addition, there is a percentage of “EASYF”s that are generated to cover the costs of managing the internal validator oracle.

The internal validator oracle will evaluate the feedback sent by EasyFeedback users, according to these 3 criteria: utility, originality, and execution.

This internal validator will have a Jury in each country that will be made up of seven members chosen by EasyFeedback.

Each feedback received will be assigned, through an automated and random drawing, 3 of the members of the Jury who will be in charge of proceeding with its evaluation.

Each of the judges will carry out their assessment independently without knowing the identity of the user sending the feedback, or the assessment of the other judges.

The final result of the evaluation will be the average of the 3 scores of the judges and will only be known by the user who sends the feedback.

This result will be transformed into “EASYF” tokens within your wallet. The judge also receives “EASYF” for his/her work. The amount of “EASYF” obtained by the work performed will vary over time depending on a system that will assess the quality of the evaluations issued by the judge.

Elements of Feedback

The Jury will take into consideration for each feedback issues and aspects such as:


  • Is the text sent easy to understand?
  • Does it contain spelling/grammatical mistakes?
  • Is it the right length, or is it repetitive or too short?
  • Is the tone of the feedback correct and polite?


  • Does it contain evidence, testimonials, documentation supporting the feedback?
  • Is the feedback sent incomplete because it leaves unknowns which make its execution and/or resolution difficult?


  • Is the feedback interesting or irrelevant?
  • Is the feedback appropriate or is it outdated for any reason?
  • Can the feedback help to improve or create processes/products/services in the company?


  • Is the feedback sent original?


  • Can the feedback received be reasonably implemented in the company?

Criteria for granting EFTs

Feedback sent to companies will be rewarded if:

  1. is attractive, useful and interesting for the company (UTILITY).

  2. provides original and creative ideas or concepts for the company (ORIGINALITY).

  3. and, in addition, the implementation is practical and feasible helping the company to improve (EXECUTION).

Scores: How and why they will be given

The Jury will use the following grading scale:


In this way, the maximum score that could be obtained from each judge would be 12 points: UTILITY: 4 + ORIGINALITY: 4 + EXECUTION: 4. And, therefore, the maximum sum of the three judges would be 36 points that would result final an average of 12 points.

All the scores will be transformed into tokens by means of the equivalence of: 12 points suppose the equivalent in dollars to the price in the USA of 1.4 Big Mac (8 dollars / 5.71 $ worth a Big Mac = 1.4 Big Macs) according to the price in force at any time published by The Economist magazine ( This allows us to update every six months (January and July) the value of the “Proof of Feedback” based on an internationally recognized index such as “The Big Mac Index”. If this index was not available a similar one would be used.

The amount of 8 dollars comes from the estimated average price for completing a questionnaire by a Mystery shopper.

This value of 8 dollars with the equivalence 1 “EASYF” = 0.05 Dollars, corresponds initially to 160 “EASYF”s. The 160 tokens will vary depending on the value at which they are trading on the market.

Who will form part of the Jury and minimum requirements 

The internal validator oracle will be composed in each country by a Jury. The members of the Jury have been selected from specialists in business development consulting, experts in innovation and technology, and managers with extensive professional experience in the business world.

The minimum requirements to be a member of the Jury are:

  1. Having created a company and / or having worked on your own.
  2. Have work experience in at least three sectors of activity.
    We will also have the possibility of having judges specialized in a single sector of activity and who only have the option of evaluating feedback from that sector.
  3. Have more than 15 years of work experience.

    Initially, the Jury in each country will consist of seven members elected by EasyFeedback.


    “Proof of Feedback” between users and company validator oracle

    The company validator oracle is the only one in charge of managing the rewards of any type of feedback sent by users, when the company to whom the feedback is sent is subscribed to the Easy Feedback PRO service for companies.

    The company validator oracle will be composed of people selected among the company’s personnel to perform the task of evaluating feedback.

    If the feedback is sent to a company that is not subscribed to the Easy Feedback PRO service for companies, one of the other two validator oracles will perform the task:

    • The internal validator oracle will be the only one in charge of managing the rewards to users, when this feedback is a suggestion, congratulations and any type of complaint/claim.
    • The lawyer validator oracle will be the only one in charge of managing the rewards to users, when this feedback is a complaint/claim.

    What is Proof of Feedback? :