Get Ethereum Immediately: Join EasyFeedback Bounty Round 1

  • July 24, 2019

Sell bounty stakes for ETH on Tokpie exchange immediately, as soon as you see your stakes in the spreadsheet.

Furthermore, get both: ethereum when selling part of your stakes and EasyFeedback (EFT) tokens later for the unsold stakes! So, join and start getting ethereum right now through three simple steps described below:

How it works

  1. Join Bounty campaign (Round 1) running by the Tokpie’s partner – EasyFeedback to earn some stakes:

NOTE: EasyFeedback Bounty Campaign ROUND 1 supports the limited number of participants, and is limited in time until August 19, 2019. Here you can check the current number of participants and stakes earned by them.

2. Register or login Tokpie exchange platform. Then click on [Deposit] button to top up your Tokpie account balance with 50% bounty stakes, which you have already earned.

NOTE: Don’t click on “Deposit” until you see your stakes in the related spreadsheet and strictly follow the instructions when depositing to speed up the processing.

3. Sell your stakes on the following ETH markets to get Ethereum immediately!

– By clicking on the links above you can submit your trade orders at any price you want, check market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy EFT stakes (rounds 1-3) only until October 22, 2019;
– All holders of EFT bounty stakes will automatically get EFT tokens on their Tokpie account balances when the campaign has come to the end and in accordance with the conversion’s proportion revealed as the results of the campaign;
– You can check bounty stakes prices without registration;
– The following trade fees are applied.