EasyFeedback Token web Wallet is launched

  • February 6, 2020

The EasyFeedback Token web wallet will be available in the future EasyFeedback Dapp.

Let’s get started!

EasyFeedback Token web Wallet.


Seed Phrase

    • The seed phrase is used to backup your wallet. This seed phrase is unique and should be kept secret because it´s the key to access and spend your digital token.
    • Do not take a screenshot of this seed phrase. We advice you to write it down on physical paper.
    • We cannot recover or reset your seed phrase .
    • The words are written in English. If they are displayed in another language, deactivate your translator before copying them.

Keep your seed phrase safe, it’s your responsibility!

Tips on storing it safely

    1. Do not store this seed phrase on your computer.
    2. Save a backup in multiple places.
    3. Never share the phrase with anyone.
    4. Be careful of phishing! EasyFeedback will never spontaneously ask for your seed phrase
    5. If you are not going to use your wallet and have saved your seed phrase, remove it from your browser so that it does not remain open. This will prevent someone accessing your computer from entering your wallet.

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