EasyFeedback Token Bounty Program

  • July 17, 2019

Easy Feedback Token implements a Bounty Program, with which, anyone can perform various tasks related to the marketing of the platform.

For example, mention it on famous websites like Youtube, Bitcointalk or Facebook, make detailed or usability error reports to improve some aspect of the platform, translations of official documents and the web, generation of videos and info graphics or actions related to Telegram.

We will distribute 15,000,000 EFT to all BOUNTY PROGRAM participants proportionally according to the Stakes accumulated by each one.

The tasks performed generate STAKES that allow the amount of funds in each round to be divided proportionally, depending on the number of Stakes and the percentage of the total that the task performed can represent.

These acquired Stakes, once validated, can be sold in TOKPIE in exchange for ETH.

These 15,000,000 EFT are divided into 3 Bountys rounds of 5,000,000 EFT each.

These actions to be awarded have to comply with standards, explained below.

Bounty Rules

First, to be validated as Bounty Hunter you have to answer this QUIZ, correctly answering at least 3 questions.

All can be answered by searching for the information on our website www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/en

Successfully passing quiz enables you as Bounty Hunter and generates a direct 50 EFT prize, which will be paid automatically once completed the registration form and the “Proof of authentication” at the end of the 3 Bounty Rounds.

This action does not generate Stakes, but directly rewards the interest and trust placed in the project.

If after completing the QUIZ you do not register on our REGISTRATION form with the same data used in the QUIZ we will not be able to deliver the EFTs or validate your registration.

All tasks performed by users and delivered stakes will be uploaded in a public way at:

Detailed Tasks list and weekly Stakes listings can be found at: