EasyFeedback Token “EASYF” launches

  • June 28, 2019

The aim of EasyFeedback is to promote feedback between consumers and businesses in order to help resolve two issues that come up again and again:

1. Communication problems between people. 

2. Human beings’ ambition to improve things.

Feedback aims to transform things; because it helps companies achieve excellence in customer service, and it promotes creativity to improve products, services, business processes and in this way improve the world.

EasyFeedback.com acts as a private trusted third party between customers, the company’s management and its employees. It makes it easier to express, manage and reward useful feedback and to generate transparency, trust and satisfaction.

Easy Feedback Token “EASYF” was created to reward people who use EasyFeedback.com to communicate useful feedback to improve the products, services and processes of companies and institutions.

Easy Feedback has been involved in the feedback market since 2015, incorporating innovative concepts and technologies that encourage the solution of feedback problems. In 2018 our project took a disruptive turn when it was able to incorporate blockchain philosophy and technology into the feedback market and that’s why we are launching a Token that makes it possible.

Easy Feedback Token will allow us to value and reward people who give meaningful feedback to companies and institutions. It’s feedback that transmits knowledge. Therefore, Easy Feedback tokens “EASYFs” will be offered as a reward for:

1. The ideas that consumers may put forward as suggestions to companies and institutions for improving their products, services and processes.

2. The dissatisfaction we communicate to a company as a claim or complaint about its products, services and processes regardless of the company’s response to us. 

3. The appreciation for a job well done by the people in a company or institution who were able to offer an excellent service.

“EFTs” can be exchanged for products, services, cryptocurrencies or money at market price or accumulated as an investment.

More information at www.EasyFeedbackToken.io/en/