Easy Feedback Partners with Tokpie Exchange

  • July 8, 2019

Partnering​ with Tokpie will support Easy Feedback bounty campaign and boost EFT token sale.

Tokpie is the only one cryptocurrency exchange in the World that provides Bounty Stakes Trading service.

The ​Easy Feedback Token​ mission is to reward people who give useful and private feedbacks to improve products, services, and processes of companies and institutions

Partnering with Tokpie, the Easy Feedback will get more awareness because many people will be joining its bounty campaign to trade their bounty stakes for Ethereum (ETH).

TOKPIE CEO, Vasilii Silin said: ‘’We, in Tokpie, are delighted to partner with Easy Feedback Token. The company has a product on the market since 2015 and recently has opened a delegation in Estonia. Many Tokpie users will be interested in buying EFT bounty stakes”.

“We are happy to provide our bounty hunters with the opportunity to trade their stakes directly for Ethereum on the Tokpie exchange,” says EasyFeedback CEO Honorio Ros. “Thanks to Tokpie, bounty hunters should not wait many months before getting paid”.

Easy feedback acts as a private and trusted third party between customers, employees and company management. It makes it easier for user feedback to be expressed, managed, rewards and generate satisfaction.