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Newsletter March 2020

Hello Welcome and thank your for you interest on EasyFeedback Token and for subscribing to our Newsletter. This communication is for you to get further information about our project and also to keep you properly informed about our next activities due to the fact that our public pre sale is quite close (see below). This…


EasyFeedback Token web Wallet is launched

The EasyFeedback Token web wallet is now available. Below you have the link to enter the website along with a video and a brief explanation. Let’s get started! EasyFeedback Token web Wallet:   Seed Phrase The seed phrase is used to backup your wallet. This seed phrase is unique and should be kept secret…


10 products that will impact on the supply and demand of “EFT”

In addition to the people who purchase “EFT” to keep it (Hold) these are the 10 EasyFeedback products that will impact on its supply and demand since EFT will be used for the payments of such services. Products for consumers 1. Legal Advice Two weeks after sending a complaint / claim by a user, we…