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New update about EasyFeedback Token sale

Hello,  As you can see in the picture below, the Estonian government has not responded yet to our request for obtaining the license of “virtual currency service”, required for the sale of our token and has delayed the deadline for answering our request to the February 6th, 2021.   On September 15th, we started the…

Proof of Feedback

EasyFeedback token granted by the Internal Oracle.

EasyFeedback Token (EFT) was created to reward people who from EasyFeedback.com communicate useful feedback to improve products, services and processes of companies and institutions. Every time a user sends useful feedback, they receive EasyFeedback tokens for his/her communication. The “Proof of Feedback” (“PoF”) is the value that is given to this feedback. Depending on the…


The feedback from our users also moves us. Thank you for your congratulations!

At EasyFeedback we are committed to improving the world by encouraging useful feedback and helping companies to recognize and enhance the good practices of their staff, services, products and thus improve customer service every day. From EasyFeedback Token we share with you some of the congratulations that have been sent to us by users who…

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