10 products that will impact on the supply and demand of “EFT”

  • January 31, 2020

In addition to the people who purchase “EFT” to keep it (Hold) these are the 10 EasyFeedback products that will impact on its supply and demand since EFT will be used for the payments of such services.

Products for consumers

1. Legal Advice

Two weeks after sending a complaint / claim by a user, we will send him an email to let us know if the company has responded and if he would recommend them to his family and friends. If the company that receives the feedback does not have the commitment to Excellence in Customer Care (subscription to EasyFeedback PRO) and the user is not satisfied with the resolution of their claim or has not received any response, we offer legal advice services. Available in Spain and in the first quarter of 2020 will be implemented in Colombia and Mexico.

EasyFeedback obtains incomes when users of the platform claim companies under a Success Fee model: we only charge a percentage of the compensation if we win.

With the tokenization of our current service the consumer will receive a percentage of “EFT” of the claim.

2. Use of EFTs in the EasyFeedback Online Store

With the launch of the EasyFeedback Token, a Marketplace (online store) is incorporated into the business model. In this online store we will offer:

      1. Our own exclusive products and services.
      2. Products and services of our customers.
      3. Third-party products and services so that EasyFeedback users can use their EFT tokens.
      4. products made in our social project YIOOW (Your Idea Our Original Work).
      5. Possibility to buy Amazon gift cards with their EFT tokens in those countries where it has activity.

3. Use of EFTs on the EasyFeedback Token debit card

The EasyFeedback Token can be used directly through our debit card (in PolisPay) along with the cryptocurrencies that are already available.

We are working so that EFT can be used on other cards such as Wirex or Minexpay.

4. Income generated by commissions (fee) of exit of the EFTs

A user registered within EasyFeedback has an EasyFeedback Web Wallet. The EFTs he gets thanks to the Proof of Feedback are delivered in this wallet.

When a user registered with EasyFeedback and owner of EFT decides to transfer his EFT, a fee (a commission) will be charged in the following cases:

      • To exchange the EFT for a gift card.
      • For transferring the EFT of our EasyFeedback Web Wallet to external Wallets (any Wallet that is not generated within EasyFeedback.com).

Products for companies

The feedback that our users send will be the gateway for the sale of our products for companies. We have already sent feedback to more than 10,000 companies. Every month, since January 2019, feedback is sent to an average of 1,225 different companies. Each month, our users send feedback to 147 new companies that they had never addressed before.

That is, each feedback sent by one of our users to a company, generates an impact on a potential customer of our products for companies. All products for companies are sold in EFTs.

1. Subscription to EasyFeedback PRO

EasyFeedback PRO is the platform to listen to your customers and build trust in your business:

      1. We are a trusted, independent third party that certifies Excellence in Customer Care.
      2. We provide the proper tools, so that all your clients feel and be heard
      3. 100% of opinions are private and not anonymous

We accompany the growth of the companies that want:

      1. Improve its reputation online and offline
      2. Loyalty to its customers
      3. Foster employee engagement

The companies that hire this product will also be a node / oracle validator company and will grant EFT to their customers.

2. EasyFeedback IoT (Internet of Things)

EFTs will be awarded to users who, with the daily use of their devices, send useful feedback to improve the processes, products or services of EasyFeedback customers. For example, a washing machine manufacturer rewards its customers, or non-customers, with EFTs, if each time they put their washing machine in operation they allow them to collect the following feedback: color of the garments, brand of soap being used, kg of clothes that are being washed, type of clothing, program used, etc. This data collection is done with several sensors that will be installed in the device.

3. EasyFeedback Health

Companies interested in this product may hire a service where EasyFeedback.com users who wish to transfer their health and lifestyle data (which they are already storing with the regular use of other applications), are rewarded by these companies with EFT for providing that information.

4. EasyFeedback Survey

The EasyFeedback Survey client companies may use surveys and market studies to obtain more information about their customers by segmenting users of the platform that send feedback. These companies will reward all platform members participating in the surveys with EFTs.

5. EasyFeedback Review

EasyFeedback Review client companies may use the platform to obtain opinions and recommendations on their products and services by segmenting users of the platform that send feedback. All platform members who participate in the opinions and recommendations will be rewarded with EFT.

To reward the users involved in these 5 tools with EFT, companies interested in these products will have to buy EFT tokens in an Exchange where EFT is listed.

6. EasyFeedback Stats

The analysis, with statistical tools and artificial intelligence, of all the information collected by the blockchain platform, will be published in a statistical portal for the knowledge of users and companies, there will be free and paid content with EFTs.