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Presence of EasyFeedback Token at “The Global Blockchain Congress” of Convergence

Easyfeedback Token was present during the congress that Convergence held in Malaga from 11 to 13 November. Here is Convergence’s press release about the congress: “With close to 1,400 attendees representing over 50 countries, some 230 speakers and over 80 keynotes, panels, fireside chats, roundtables and meetings, Convergence certainly met its goals in terms of size and…

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Spanish Crypto Ecosystem

EasyFeedback Token is part of the first Crypto Ecosystem Map in Spain. Thanks to Cryptoplaza for including us in the tools. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for our Whitelist, in November we will close our white list and offer all our users the opportunity to access the EasyFeedback token pre-sale before the IEO…

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Soon EasyFeedback Token Wallet!

Here are some images of the EasyFeedback token wallet. In November it will be available together with the store for the purchase of the EasyFeedback token. We hope you like it. In November we will close our white list, we will launch the wallet that we have presented to you and offer all our users…